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Life is made of adversities and joys; often the two come from the same source. Many of the greatest joys we experience stem from doing something meaningful and healing with our adversities… using them to serve others. One way to do this is to write a book, speak about and assist others going through similar challenges.

Triumph Press is a resource for those who have the passion to tell their stories and change the world through what they have learned. With personalized service that is both affordable and HIGH QUALITY, Triumph Press assists people to make their books as excellent as the message they have to share.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
~Maya Angelou


melanieandbrynnTriumph Press Founder and Best Selling Author, Melanie Davis, with Daughter Brynn

After suffering the loss of my seven month daughter, Brynn, to SIDS, I found healing and purpose by sharing her story with those who could be encouraged and inspired by the wisdom and purpose I have found in her death. I developed The Triumph Program to assist others to discover write and share their own Triumph Stories, which is powerfully healing. I soon went on to compile The Triumph Book, a collection of stories from people who endured severe tragedies and who have found purpose and joy in life BECAUSE of what they have been through.



HEROES with bestseller ribbonThe Triumph Book: HEROES is the second in The Triumph Book Series and was published on Veterans’ Day, 2011. It is a collection of first-person accounts from veterans of all ranks and wars since World War II, raising awareness, appreciation and support for our real heroes. Additional Triumph Programs, including one to help veterans write their war stories and overcome PTSD. After writing HEROES, I founded the National Campaign, Love Your Veterans. Whose mission is to raise awareness, appreciation and support for our military heroes. This is done through the discovery and sharing of their Triumph Stories in a process called The Triumph Program: Overcoming PTSD which brings healing purpose and meaning to our protectors while preserving the important stories of our nation’s legacy; putting a face, name and life to the word veteran. It is only by knowing our heroes, their wisdom and stories, that we love our veterans enough to care for them the way they deserve and need! – read more