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Todd Jones

Todd Jones spends all day, every day, with a pocket full of tools and never ceases to find a reason or need for them. Todd says, “I believe it should be criminal for you to go throughout your day without a pocket knife and flashlight on your person.” Todd is an expert advocate and teacher of this truth: disaster hits hardest on those who fail to prepare. Todd authored, Fully Prepped?, an instructional workbook which covers all key topics of being prepared and makes the process possible and achievable for even the most novice of preppers. With his clever humor and boy-next-door approach to presenting the topics, Todd makes you feel you have a personal prepping coach beside you as you listen.

Melanie Davis

Melanie Davis is a personal historian and author, recording first-person stories which can influence society for the better. She is the owner of Triumph Press publishing and founder of Love Your Veterans, a national campaign to raise awareness, appreciation and support for our real heroes which is launched by The Triumph Book: HEROES, a collection of first person stories from veterans spanning the decades from WWII up through our recent conflicts. Melanie is a frequent pubic speaker, currently has another radio show, The Triumph Show, and is a filmmaker (HEROES Triumph, coming soon). Melanie has perfected the art of interviewing and assisting people to tell their stories and share their wisdom. She is the ideal side-kick helping Todd to present his vast knowledge on preparedness. She also knows a thing or two about the topic as she confidently declares that she has been prepping all her life.