The Seven Rules of Exceptional Writing



Great writing is a skill which can be developed, practiced and perfected.  By following the Seven Rules of Exceptional Writing, you can transform your messages from average to extraordinary.  I invite you to download your free copy today and consider sharing your important story through Triumph Press.

After the death of my daughter, I discovered that I could endure a mother’s worst nightmare. Not only did I survive the seemingly impossible, but I found purpose and joy waiting on the other side by sharing my story of overcoming and helping others through their challenges.

melanie2I created this publishing company to assist authors to find purpose and meaning in their adversities.   Writing and sharing your stories can be the most healing activity you engage in; one that not only helps you, but heals those who read your wisdom.

After much experience writing, promoting, speaking and expanding the Triumph Press label, I have become an effective partner to help you fulfill your mission to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing your wisdom and stories.  It is my passion and joy to help you in every way I can.

At Triumph Press, I work with graphic and design experts who create some of the most beautiful book covers, marketing materials and websites in the industry. Together, we have the talent and enthusiasm to make your book shine brilliantly! I invite you to explore the ways you can find healing while allowing your life experiences and insight to lift and encourage others through the services offered by Triumph Press.

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