Questions & Answers

Why should I choose Triumph Press as my publisher?

Triumph Press is a revolution in book publishing! Traditional publishing houses often require an agent to even be considered, they maintain most or all creative control and the author is lucky to receive 7% of the profits. Self-publishing can be costly and leaves the author with no label, marketing or support, with very few of the books statistically reaching success.

Under Triumph Press you are part of a reputable brand of high-quality, inspirational true stories which already has many landmark books in its label. (Explore the Directory of Books to see the company you would be keeping!) You receive assistance and coaching through every step of the process, from writing, to publishing to marketing your book(s) as well as tips and ideas on how to make your book a bestseller.

Who can be published by Triumph Press?

At Triumph Press, we believe every story is of great value! However, to maintain the quality and success of the publishing label, only well-written stories will be accepted. Maintaining high standards in storytelling is a benefit to all the authors who are selected. Triumph Press is not a self-publisher, accepting any or all manuscripts, nor is it a traditional publishing house, rejecting most manuscripts. Triumph Press will publish as many authors as meet the high standards of quality in writing and sharing of stories. Only true, inspiring stories (and/or poetry) will fit in the genre of Triumph Press. No fiction or novels belong in this particular publishing label.

How can I be an Author in the Triumph Press Community?

To begin with, you must have an important, true story to tell, which you desire to proactively share with others. You will need to submit your manuscript or a summary of your story to Triumph Press. If you have not yet written your story, and need help, there are ghost-writer associates of Triumph Press available to help your manuscript be ready for acceptance. If you have already written your story, or wish to determine how to proceed with your story, you may submit your manuscript or summary for consideration through the contact us box to the right.

Once your story has been reviewed, you will receive an email informing you of your status of acceptance. The better prepared your story is, the higher the chances of being accepted. If your story is turned down, the email will cite the reasons and steps you can take to prepare it for re-submission and success, if you choose to follow them.

If my story is accepted; then what?

There is an affordable publishing package price including everything you need to bring the book from manuscript to professionally published book. See the Package Page for details. There are services not included in the package prices which you may need to complete your book, such as ghost writing and editing, for which we have professionals associated with Triumph Press to recommend. Triumph Press makes no referral fee or profit on these services, so there is no ulterior motive for recommending them except to help the book reach the high standards of quality necessary to publish your book.

Once my book is published, how do I order and sell it?

Triumph Press assists you to publish a highly professional book with a reputable branding, but allows you to maintain all sales and distribution control and profits from your book. Once published, your book will be uploaded to a CreateSpace account that you set up and we coach you on how to sell your book through the many common online outlets, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, how to manage your CreateSpace account and how to sell books from your own website as well as how to order them at wholesale, for the maximum profits.  There is also the opportunity for Triumph Press to help with marketing and distribution of your book through the outlets being created which comes with additional fees.

Once you have a Triumph Press labeled book, you will be featured in the Directory of Books produced by Triumph Press and, with training, you can be featured in the Triumph Press List of Speakers.

Additionally, Triumph Press will be developing and building marketing strategies over time to maximize the exposure of all our books in the same target market. Join us and you will be pleased with the increase in opportunity for your book to be found!