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Jay Jones

Fitness Minister

"Melanie is absolutely the best! As a Fitness Minister I was looking for a writer to help convey my unique niche in the clearest and most compelling way possible and she NAILED it. Her experience and first-hand knowledge about the fitness industry served me and my project extremely well. Melanie spent the appropriate time getting to know me, my objectives, and my time-table. She was fast, effective and as sweet as a peach. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to working with Melanie again."

Todd Jones

Author of Fully Prepped and host of Effective Tactics

"Well, I accidentally wrote a book. It was more of a guide/workbook to help get some family and friends "on the same page". Through a whole line of divine intervention I ended up emailing it to Melanie without ever knowing that she was a publisher. All I can say is that was the best coincidence that I can ever remember happening to me. With her wisdom and guidance, and a lot of hard work, we have created something that is 100X better than my original piece. At every turn she has allowed me the freedom to improve my work all while, almost subliminally, gently prodding me to do better. I can never thank her enough for the incredible job she has done in helping me with this project. She has a phenomenal team by her side that helped edit, format, and "Brand" my book, my business, and my new job. I CANNOT recommend Triumph Press any more highly."

Julian A. Roadman

LTC USAF Retired

"On Veterans’ Day a few years ago, I attended a luncheon in Austin, Texas and met Melanie Davis.  She was introducing her book HEROES about veterans.  I had written a draft about my early life, my training as an Army Aviation Cadet and my experiences dropping 35 loads of bombs onto Nazi Germany from a B-17 bomber during WWII.  Melanie was willing to review my draft and subsequently agreed to publish it.  She edited the draft, located an artist for the cover, took photos where are included in the book and located a printer.  Melanie has also sold many copies of my book, A Combat Nightmare in World War II,  She has made it available as software for tablets in addition to contacting managers in the movie and television industries.  Needless to say, I am very pleased to do business with Melanie!"


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Thad Forrester

Best Selling Author of My Brother in Arms

"Working with Triumph Press gave me the personal attention I needed to get my book in the formats and distribution channels desired, all at a much lower price than any other publishing company.  Because of their marketing knowledge, my book was an Amazon best seller within a few days of launching. 

I was initially drawn to Triumph Press because of their experience working with veterans and military organizations.  I also knew they were honest and wouldn't price gouge. I'm very grateful for their services and recommend Triumph Press, especially for new authors."

Andrew R. Jones

Best Selling Author of Healing the Warrior Heart

"When I began writing Healing the Warrior Heart, I had no idea how I was going to publish, or even where to start. I simply knew it had to be published and the message had to be spread. Melanie Davis and Triumph Press made my dream a reality by walking me through each step of the process, ensuring I knew what was happening and that I was comfortable with each choice. From the creativity of the cover, to every word on every page, Triumph Press ensured everything was perfect before the final publication. My deepest thanks to the team at Triumph Press and I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a publisher who truly cares."


Connie Clay

Author of Quit Skinny! 7 Simple, Sane Steps to Wellness and Quit Skinny! 31 Day Quick Start

quitskinnyAs a new author, I was delighted to get my book published. A few friends were kind enough to write reviews for Amazon. However, I wanted a detailed review that I could submit to print media outlets as well as online magazines. I hired Melanie to review my book, Quit Skinny! 7 Simple, Sane Steps to Wellness. She did a thorough job and produced an excellent review in less than a week. Additionally, she gave me some insightful marketing tips. Once, I finish my next book, I will ask Melanie to read it before I submit it to test readers and an editor. Her wisdom and advice are invaluable.